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Dr. Registered Nurse Success Academy, LLC.


Everyone knows that the way to success is by believing in yourself, and understanding that having short-term goals are key to success.

​As your personal Doctoral Coach, Mentor, and Nurse Educator, Dr. David will provide the following to ensure you reach your full potential:


  • Advising and mentoring role guiding you through the entire Graduate and Doctoral journey.

  • Providing the key to developing critical skills and an understanding of nursing education.

  • Educate on the importance of developing the self-confidence that will set you apart from others, and lead to personal and professional growth.


This virtual space offers step-by-step guidance for :

Doctoral Students (DNP)

  • The Doctorate in Nursing Practice project design, execution, and manuscript write-up.

  • Advising and mentoring role guiding you to successfully select a topic, and develop and carry out the implementation of your DNP project.

  • Help you develop a topic of interest, PICOT, research design, methodology, literature review, developmental editing, and statistical analysis.

  • Instrument Development & Evaluation

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Discussion Board Assistance & Guidance

  • Oral Defense Meetings & Presentation Preparation


  • Test-Taking Strategies that will help you strategize and choose the correct answer in the Nursing School exams, and the ultimate test of your life " The NCLEX."

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