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Dr. David

Born in the Dominican Republic, and raised in boogie down Bronx, New York,  where I attended John F. Kennedy High School and graduated in 1997. I  went on to study at City College of New York with a major in Business Management and Administration, receiving a total of 16 scholarships and attaining a Bachelors degree (BA) with Magna Cum Laude status. After working in business for five years, I decided to change careers, and explore the field of Nursing. Due to my high merits in business school, and excellent academic success in Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry, I was accepted into Drexel University's Accelerated Nursing Program, and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors degree (BSN) in Nursing.

​Professionally, I have served in many specialties including, Dialysis, Telemetry, Transplant, School Nursing, Progressive Care, Intensive Care Unit, Management, and Perioperative Nursing. In 2015, I was chosen as “Nurse of the Year 2015,” while working in the Surgical Step-Down unit. Throughout my work in these various capacities, I have advocated for improving care quality and outcomes through active participation in committees and received multiple certifications. In 2013, I decided to continue my education and began my graduate studies at Wilmington University. While reflecting on what thesis topics would interest me, I discovered a burgeoning desire to improve evidenced-base knowledge regarding the prevention and reduction of catheter-associated urinary tract infections in vulnerable populations, while creating an evidence-based curriculum geared to both the hospital setting and novice nursing students. In May 2016, I graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Leadership and Nursing Education.

Following my passion for education, I became a Clinical Professor and an Adjunct Professor at various Universities. Furthermore, I developed a successful Pharmacology & Test-Taking Strategies curriculum which has been presented to over 500 students. Following my passion for decreasing health disparities, I applied to Wilmington University’s Doctorate of Nursing Practice program and began my Doctoral journey in Summer 2017. In December 2019, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation graduated with a Doctorate degree in January 2020 where I was officially called Doctor!

​As a bilingual Clinical Professor, my driving force is helping aspiring nurses, nursing students, and novice nurses thrive, and also help those in other professions navigate the workplace strategically in order to increase professional growth. No one wants to work harder for less right?

As your DNP coach, I guide you through every step of your Doctor of Nursing Practice journey from topic selection, all the way through project development. I help you strategize every part of your DNP manuscript, project, implementation, and dissemination so that when you are ready to present your findings to the doctoral committee you are confident and ready!!

As the founder and CEO of Dr. Registered Nurse Success Academy, LLC., I shorten the learning curve that comes with being a student, new graduate, or professional seeking more opportunities.


My message is clear, "You need to Work Smarter, not Harder."

#1Best Selling Author|Doctoral Coach| Mentor|Nurse Educator| Keynote Speaker| 
NCSBN Panel Member 

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