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What if I told you… when you daydream you are staring at your future?  Would you smile at how bright your future is and get excited? Or, would you tremble in fear because of the darkness you see?  

In Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes and Losses, the authors discuss their personal battles with abuse, betrayal, dyslexia, divorce, narcissism, poverty, and unfair discrimination. The authors did not focus on their painful realities and shattered dreams; They applied key tips and strategies to change the trajectory of their lives so that they could:


 *Win       * Outlast        * Maximize      * Achieve       * Nurture

In Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes and Losses, the authors prove that you are one step away from your biggest dream or your worst nightmare, BUT the choice is up to you. 


The purpose of this book is to break the silence on common problems that are not easily identifiable because they are not often discussed. The transformational stories by the authors will help women know they are not alone in their struggles, young women to learn preventive measures from the poor, decision-making, and give hope to women who are currently in the middle of a mess.

Radical Woman will show you how developing resilience after difficult issues, changes and losses can lead to winning, outlasting, maximizing, achieving & nurturing. 






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As one of her first babies on this journey, all I can say is,” Thank you, Dr. Margarita!” I will make you proud! I will not stop till I get to the top. This book has given me life for the journey! Knowing, that I can do all things thru Christ who gives me the strength to climb those mountains. You have never stop believing in me and I thank you. Thank you for my words of encouragements and for seeing in me what I didn’t see in myself. May God bless you to write many more books that will inspire other women on their journey. Now for “Radical Woman”, it is a must read for all women in different walks of life.


Quana, Nursing Student

I am currently a nursing student of Dr David from Chicago IL who truly APPRECIATE all her effort and hard work that she dedicates to helping students like me.

Dr David may just consider me as a “client” but I can honestly say she is a woman I look up to. She not only inspires me but also the vision that I have for my life to push and aim for all I desire to achieve.

I thank God for her! I am excited to read this book, take notes and implement all strategies that I am able, in order to overcome any obstacles I may face on this journey to success.

Love Quana 


Dr. Liverman

After a long day..returning home to this pleasant welcome. All I can say is...THANK U Dr. Margarita David. U appeared at the most pivotal moment of my journey to Dr. Jai. Thank you for my 1st autographed book from Dr. 2 Dr.

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Fairfield County, CT

This book is a must-read for anyone that is feeling discouraged. I love their stories of triumph. Thank you for telling your stories.

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